Introduction to Avis MaxiRent

Avis implemented new product at market!

Avis MaxiRent is aimed to both juridical and natural persons, inclined to flexibility and saving of their business capacities.

Introduction to MaxiRent

Avis MaxiRent is a long-term vehicle rental based on minimal, precisely planned monthly amounts through constant rental rate with series of services.

Avis MaxiRent monthly amount is calculated without financial participation of the client on base of:

  • pre-defined mileage
  • time of rental
  • with really defined balance of the car value

Avis MaxiRent is the concept of such called «full maintenance lease», which was firstly introduced to the world by Avis, 24 years ago.
The integrity, as well as the diversity of our services is the result of the decisions strictly adapted to your requirements and wishes.

Our goal: Ensure absolute freedom when using Your car and save Your money, time and nerves.


Contact us

Avis business centre
Long-term rental department

Corporate Account Manager:
Vladimir Cucuz
Oreskoviceva 21, 10000 Zagreb
Tel: 01 4673 603
Fax: 01 4673 605


Call Centre:  +385 1 4673 603

For Your comfort our offices are at your disposal.

Our vehicles

What vehicles we offer for leasing?

Avis technical team has chosen the palette of vehicles, intended to leasing, that suits the best your needs and wishes.

Choice criteria applied:

  • appeasement of individual demands
  • economy of using during the leasing
  • safety of using


MaxiRent uses the vehicles of following manufacturers: OPEL, RENAULT & MITSUBISHI.

What??s the Avis MaxiRent price?

Do not like small syllable and indiscernible numbers?

Neither do we!

That’s why we took care to prepare you a product without hidden surprises.

Avis leasing monthly rental amount corresponds to any other leasing house rental, and our transparent calculation enables you daily expenses checking.

Avis MaxiRent calculation examples

Flexibility and efficiency

Avis MaxiRent is globally recognized by its austerity, flexibility and efficiency.
The slogan ??Agree and drive??, shortly and fully expresses the essence of complete service MaxiRent provides.

The wideness and profundity of the MaxiRent offer (its flexibility) enables complete appeasement of individual demands.

Avis MaxiRent prompt and simple negotiation process potentates you to be flexible in your business as well.
We concentrate on our work as you may concentrate on yours.

Avis MaxiRent with respect to classic leasing

The privileges of MaxiRent with respect to classic leasing of the vehicles:


Classic leasing MaxiRent
Down payment of about 20% (bear in mind that down payment is capital on which the same amount of money is lost that could be earned by time savings interest of that funds in a bank or some other financial institution). No down payment
The compulsory and Casco insurances are separately concluded and invoiced. The price already includes compulsory and Casco insurances.
Basic type Casco and compulsory insurances. Casco Insurance for three damages without malus (percentage of extra premium)and passengers insurance.
The price does not include registration and technical examination costs. The price includes technical examination.
More invoices. One invoice.
Leasing house does not take care of the vehicle supply, registration and takeover. The price already includes the supply, registration and takeover of the vehicle.
The price does not include serving, taking to service of the vehicle. The price already includes the serving and taking to service of the vehicle.
Rental price does not include replacement vehicle. Rental price includes replacement vehicle
Assistance in case of defect or accident. Avis assistance.
No post sale support and required network. Avis post sale network includes Avis support centre, at 13 different locations with full shaped service network.

Avis MaxiRent

Unique privileges of Avis MaxiRent:

  • The risk and ownership costs are entirely of lessor??s, fact that favourably reflects on the business activity balance
  • Business activity costs include rental costs as well. There fulfils the right to VAT refunding
    Avis  keeps the obligation to pay and calculate all administrative costs of the rental
  • The rental cost is fixed and predictive so, that enables to easily and efficiently plan business activity costs
  • One monthly invoice for all rental services enables simple costs control and service administration
  • ?Full maintenance leasing? permits complete rental support, and so, there is no need for any additional individual services

Conclusion: Avis MaxiRent = car use without risking

Additional service offer

Besides services, included in the rental price, there is a number of additional services which can be included in the rental price so, that you may totally satisfy your needs.
At your disposal there are:

  • winter tyres package with installing assured and summer set storage included
  •  additional insurance
  •  chauffeur service
  •  juridical assistance, in case of accident
  • prepaid washing car service
  • etc..

 For any other additional service, you are free to contact.

Avis MaxiRent includes

MaxiRent price includes:

  • complete Casco Insurance (with no franchise) for the entire leasing lasting
  • compulsory car responsibility insurance (CI), including  traveler insurance (1+4), for the leasing period
  • car technical examination during leasing period
  • car registration costs
  • leasing monthly rental amount calculated according to the flat interest rate, unchangeable during the leasing period
  • monthly leasing rental based on flat interest rate
  • full service monthly invoice
  • annual tax for motor vehicles, for the leasing period
  • right to use Avis Wizard Card with a 20% discount for reservations of Avis rent-a-car vehicles both on Croatian territory and all around the world
  • in case of a fleet car ordering by Avis President Club card, which enables a number of discounts, as well as the privilege of free car upgrade and VIP hospitality treatment, in all Avis offices all around the world
  • right to a replacement vehicle from the same category, during a 30 days period, replacement vehicle - Avis EXTRA  service -  in case of available vehicle defect, damage or theft
  • Avis Assistance ?? stand by in case of defect or accident. This includes: physical assistance in a 30 km area of the nearest office; vehicle spot replacement; damage carrying away. All dragging, reparation or any other material costs, are calculated according to the price list in force of HAK (CAC), vehicle provider and are separately invoiced
  • vehicle regular service, as well as required maintaining from the manufacturer. The rental price includes First Service costs. Regular and every second service are separately invoiced according to the price list of the authorized workhouse.
  • deviation on the agreed kilometres allowed after  2.500 kilometres
  • assistance in realizing rights from manufacturer??s conditions of guarantee
  • expert technical assistance / Avis technical team consultation

Sign & Drive

Avis Rent a Car guarantees request processing within 24hours.
After you have received car keys, all you need to care about are traffic signs!
Drive 365 days a year because Avis MaxiRent provides replacement vehicle if needed.
No worries about insurances, special taxes, maintenance, damage payments...
1 contract - entire package - 1 invoice
Avis MaxiRent saves your time and money and reduces unwanted stress

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