Why Work with Avis?

Working with Avis brings great benefits to both you and your guests:

For you:

  • Earn commission on every rental booked for your guests!
  • Simple and quick to book - either call or go online
  • Commission is totally tax free!
  • Offer a complete travel solution for your guests

For your guests:

  • Total peace of mind with a car rental company they can trust
  • Complete flexibility
  • Safety - all cars are on average less than six months old
  • Reliability and assurance - complimentary 24 hour roadside assistance

Getting started

All you need to do is send your details to e-mail avis@avis.com.hr or by post, and we will send you your Unique Concierge Number. As soon as you have this, you can begin earning commission. Avis will send you through your commission on a regular basis with updates for yourself and your guests.

Start earning with Avis in 1 easy step

If you are a concierge or front desk hotel employee, you can earn commission on rentals made by your guests.

Joining the scheme is totally free - all you need to do is sign up using the application form below and you will be sent your Unique Concierge Number and can start booking right away!

Sign up for the scheme now

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