Environmental Policy

With the largest private fleet of cars in Europe, and a significant number of operational locations, the environmental impact of our business has been evaluated and a number of actions taken to minimise it.
Avis and Future Forests - Caring for our Climate Environmental policy
With the support of Future Forests, the international climate change business, and the Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Management, Avis has identified the carbon emissions produced annually by its operations and what can be done to reduce and offset these over time. Avis has implemented a market-leading three point plan to reduce carbon emissions:
  • becoming CarbonNeutral? across all our European operations;
  • setting a plan to reduce CO2 emissions from these operations;
  • enabling and encouraging customers to offset the CO2 from their car rental.
Avis uses an annual reporting process to assess energy usage and waste from the corporate European operations. Avis works with Future Forests and the Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Management to measure and reduce CO2 emissions where possible and to offset the remainder through reforestation projects around Europe. In 2002/2003 the Group exceeded its target for a 5% reduction in CO2 emissions from Avis?? corporate European operations. To offset these emissions, almost 150,000 saplings will be planted on behalf of Avis, its staff and customers, creating over 300 acres of new woodland. Since the beginning of our partnership with Future Forests, Avis has planted a total of some 200,000 saplings over a period of four years. Avis plans to maintain a similar reduction in emissions over the coming years.

Avis has also encouraged customers to offset the CO2 emissions from their rentals by giving renters booking via the internet the opportunity to make their journey carbon neutral for ?1 or ??1.50. In 2003, 25,000 customers chose to offset their car rental emissions and we are currently reviewing options to extend this opportunity to customers booking off-line.
Education is a key part of the programme. We have developed an environmental driving code for customers to reduce the amount of fuel used and, in turn, their contribution to global warming. Employees are also continuously being educated with a number of initiatives to reduce the amount of energy used in our operations. In addition, Avis worked with schools local to the Group??s headquarters to enable pupils to understand the effects of CO2 emissions on the environment and investigate how they could reduce emissions in their own homes.
The rental fleet is changed approximately every six months, ensuring that vehicles are at the optimum level of efficiency. Over 40 checks between each rental ensure the vehicles are well maintained. Since 1993, a typical Avis rental car has improved fuel consumption by 15% and emissions now achieve some of the highest European standards. This has been achieved with lighter weight materials, aerodynamics, improved engine technology and efficient transmissions. In addition, Avis is building opportunities into fleet contracts with leading suppliers, specifically General Motors, to reduce further the environmental impact of vehicles in the rental fleet.
The growth in the European Commission car-sharing programme as part of the integrated transport policy, led to the launch of Urbigo in the UK at the end of 2002, with three further locations added during 2003. It is a pay-by-the hour car-sharing scheme, whereby members use a pool of Avis cars for an annual fee, plus time and mileage, thereby reducing car ownership, congestion and pollution from unnecessary car journeys as people combine their urban travel with public transport.
Our external environmental accreditation includes an improved rating of A from the Safety and Environmental Risk Management Rating Agency, compared to the transport industry average of CC+, and we are a member of the FTSE4Good index, which guides investors towards corporately responsible organisations. Avis in Sweden has achieved eco ISO 14001 standard and the Group Environmental Committee is reviewing the operational activities of the rest of the business in line with this standard.

Avis is a member of the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC), and Green Globe, the travel industry??s environmental consultancy. The WTTC works with Governments to realise the economic and environmental impacts of travel and tourism.

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