Parking / Traffic Offences

Renters must pay to the appropriate authority all fines and court costs for parking and traffic offences (including clamping). If not, the renter will be liable for a reasonable administration charge when Avis has to deal with these offences.

Out of hours Rentals

At most Avis locations in Croatia, it is possible to pick-up or return your car outside their working hours. Some additional charges may apply. To avoid these charges, please check with your Avis rental location. Our Agents are always happy to advise you.

Chauffeur drive

Is it your first time in our country and you are not familiar with our roads and traffic? Don′t worry, in Croatia we can provide a comfortable mid-sized car, a monospace for 6 or a luxury limousine, all with a uniformed driver which will take you to your destination in no time. For details please contact our Res. Centre at  +385 1 4673 603

One-Way Rentals

Avis Croatia allows you to leave your car at any of our locations thougout Europe, regardless the pick-up location. One-Way Rentals within Croatia′s borders are free of any additional charges. For international One-Way Rentals a One Way Fee aplies and is distance dependant. For details please check with our Reservations Centre at   +385 1 4673 603. The rental location must be informed of any One -Way Rentals in advance.

Airport Surcharges

If you are renting your car from an airport location, you will be charged an additional 100,00 kn surcharge amount. Details are available at the time of rental or at our Reservation Center on  +385 1 4673 603

Additional equipment

In Croatia you can book additional equipment online. Where available you will see the option Additional Equipment in Step 1 of the booking process. Otherwise additional equipment is normally available upon request through our Reservation Centre and once confirmed it is guaranteed.

Additional equipment
HRK 150,00 / DAY


HRK 250,00 / DAY
HRK 250,00 / DAY


HRK 250,00 / DAY


HRK 105/ DAY


Tax is not included

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